Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin


Just wrote this song last week. Trying to get it to Brad Paisley. Sounds like him to me.





Well, I've been there boy, yes siree

I was a hot blooded, girl chasin' S.O.B

But my daddy sat me down when I was sixteen

And he told me somethin' that has stuck with me...he said


Boy if you wanna get ahead in life

You better take heed to my advice

You ain't gotta scratch every time it itches

Do yourself a favor boy keep it in your britches


Well, I knew one day this time would come 

Cause I've put it off for long enough

But I saw you kissin' on the girl next door

So I ain't gonna put it off anymore...I tell ya


When your motor's firin' better cool your jets'

cause you might do somethin' that you'll soon regret

Take my word and buddy don't forget

cause it ain't quite time to be a daddy yet


One of these days you'll wear these boots

with a little Casanova just like you

and I hope when that day comes around

Like your old man did you'll set him down...and tell 'em


Words and Music by Jeffery S. Martin. All Rights Reserved. 

© 2019 Brookstone Music Publishing / BMI